Our Customers

“What’s unique, besides your assets and staff, is your relationships.  If you earn peoples trust, you’ll receive the first call when they want to make a deal”

Dan Duncan
Billionaire Entrepreneur and Oil tycoon

Main Street works with companies in a wide range of sizes and industries.  Family owned closely held and outside investors.  Our customers share willingness for bold action and an intense drive to out compete.  They are driven to constantly improve and will act decisively to achieve it.

Our success is measured by your results
We collaborate with our customers to understand them, their market and their goals.  Our team of functional experts provides an extension of logistics professionals for our customers. Define, analyze, and improve. In the end only results matter.

Use our functional experts to deliver the best
It’s refreshing to work with people who not only know how it should work but also know how to make it work.  Theory versus what works on the front line.

Bring best-in-class processes to customers
We bring people, processes and systems together to deliver superior company performance. We know that superior performance means value.

Bring innovations to customers
Innovation is the ability to deliver new value. We drive strategic innovation into you company and help you decide which ideas are the right ideas.

Forge lasting relationships based on trust
Successful people have the ability to develop relationships that last.  An essential element in our approach to building relationships with our client is making sure we act with the highest level of integrity. Integrity and trust is a shared belief that you can depend on each other to achieve a common goal. Achieving long lasting business relationships requires a willingness to be open to new opportunities, new collaborations, new strategies, and new ideas.